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A profile of florida state attorney andrew warren

florida state attorney andrew warren


In the sprawling landscape of Florida’s legal system, Andrew Warren is a name that stands out. As florida state attorney andrew warren for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, he has been at the forefront of legal reform, focusing on criminal justice issues, public safety, and the broader community. In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Andrew Warren, examining his journey, key initiatives, and the impact he has had on Florida’s legal landscape.

Early Life and Education

Andrew Warren was born in 1976 in Gainesville, Florida. He hails from a family with a strong tradition of public service and legal advocacy. His father, Don D. Curtis, was a prominent attorney in Gainesville, and his grandfather, Gene Curtis, served as the Mayor of Gainesville. This background instilled in him a passion for law and justice from a young age.

Warren pursued his undergraduate degree at Brandeis University, where he graduated magna cum laude. He then continued his education at Columbia law school where he obtained his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. His academic journey laid the foundation for a career dedicated to law and legal advocacy.

Early Legal Career

After completing law school, Warren embarked on his legal career, which saw him working in various roles before taking on the significant position of Florida State Attorney.

Private Practice: Andrew Warren began his legal career in private practice. He worked for several law firms and gained valuable experience in civil litigation, criminal defense, and representing clients in various legal matters.

U.S. Department of Justice: Prior to becoming a florida state attorney andrew warren worked at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. In this capacity, he focused on addressing corporate fraud, financial crimes, and anti-corruption measures. His tenure in this high-profile department exposed him to the intricacies of federal legal processes.

Harvard Law School: Warren’s dedication to the legal profession led him to Harvard Law School, where he taught courses on criminal justice, legal ethics, and corporate governance.

Appointment as Florida State Attorney

In 2016, Andrew Warren made a significant transition in his career. He was elected as the State Attorney for Florida’s Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, which covers Hillsborough County, a jurisdiction that includes Tampa. As the State Attorney, Warren was tasked with overseeing prosecution in the circuit and ensuring that justice was carried out fairly and effectively. His election represented a fresh approach to criminal justice in Florida.

Key Initiatives and Reforms

Warren’s tenure as Florida State Attorney has been marked by a commitment to reform and innovation in the legal system. Here are some of the key initiatives and reforms he has championed:

Criminal Justice Reform: Andrew Warren has been a strong advocate for criminal justice reform, focusing on reducing the recidivism rate and offering alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders. He established a Conviction Review Unit to investigate wrongful convictions and promote fairness in the legal system.

Human Trafficking Initiatives: One of Warren’s prominent initiatives has been to combat human trafficking. He formed a specialized unit within the State Attorney’s Office to address human trafficking cases, providing support to survivors and prosecuting offenders.

Juvenile Justice: Warren has pushed for reforms in the juvenile justice system, emphasizing diversion programs and rehabilitation for young offenders rather than punitive measures. This approach aims to give young individuals a second chance to turn their lives around.

Criminal Mental Health Initiatives: Warren recognized the need to address the intersection of criminal justice and mental health issues. He implemented programs to provide mental health services to individuals involved in the criminal justice system and to divert them from jail into appropriate treatment.

Restorative Justice: Emphasizing the importance of healing and reconciliation, Warren has promoted restorative justice practices that focus on repairing the harm caused by crimes and fostering dialogue between victims and offenders.

Community Engagement: Warren has actively engaged with the community, seeking input and collaboration to address the unique challenges and florida state attorney andrew warren needs of Hillsborough County. He initiated a Community Advisory Board to foster better communication and cooperation between the legal system and the public.

Challenges and Criticisms

While Andrew Warren’s tenure as Florida State Attorney has seen significant progress in terms of criminal justice reform, it has not been without challenges and criticisms. As is common in the field of criminal justice, different stakeholders have varying opinions on the best approach to prosecution and legal reform. Some of the criticisms and challenges faced by Warren’s office include:

Tough-on-Crime Criticism: Some critics argue that Warren’s focus on diversion programs and alternatives to incarceration may be perceived as being too lenient on certain offenders, particularly in cases involving repeat offenders.

Budget Constraints: The implementation of various reform initiatives requires financial resources. Warren has faced budget constraints and had to prioritize which programs to fund, which can lead to challenges in fully realizing his vision for criminal justice reform.

Community Safety Concerns: There are concerns from some community members that certain reforms, such as diversion programs for young offenders, may have unintended consequences in terms of community safety.

Prosecution of Serious Crimes: Balancing the pursuit of criminal justice reform with the prosecution of serious and violent crimes has been a challenge for Warren’s office. Critics argue that more emphasis should be placed on the latter.


Andrew Warren’s journey from private practice to florida state attorney andrew warren reflects a dedication to justice and legal reform. His innovative approach to criminal justice in Hillsborough County has garnered attention and support from those who believe in a more holistic and community-oriented approach to law enforcement. His initiatives in human trafficking, juvenile justice, and mental health programs demonstrate his commitment to addressing the complex issues faced by the criminal justice system.

In the world of legal advocacy, Andrew Warren serves as an example of the impact an individual can make when dedicated to positive change. As Florida State Attorney, his legacy will be shaped by the lasting impact of the reforms and initiatives he championed, striving to ensure that the legal system is not only punitive but also focused on rehabilitation, community engagement, and restorative justice. The road to justice is long and often challenging, but figures like Andrew Warren provide hope that meaningful reform is possible, even in the complex landscape of criminal justice.

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